Best-In-Class Telemarketing Call Centres: A Culture of Efficacy

Published: 28th February 2011
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For more than half a century, best-in-class telemarketing firms instantaneously continue their unprecedented services to their clients. Many are the companies that started so lame but rejuvenated their sales performance and are now leaders in their own sectors. Countless are small-and-medium businesses before. Yet, all are surprise to see them rise and never look back on being at the lowest bunk. How many business organizations had been troubled by huge losses due to high costs, and yet able to save dramatically their money later on? These are just some of the awards and accomplishments that outsourcers of telemarketing services have done all throughout their existence. And until now, they remain dedicated and fervor in fulfilling their destined purpose with the same zeal and effort.

Despite their achievements, telemarketing and outsourcing never fall short of attracting some critics. Well, for some people, who have shown diffidence on these two, confessed that telemarketing is not that effective considering the fact that most prospects hang-up with phone calls coming from telemarketers. On the other hand, many firmly believed that the human resources of service providers are not capable of communicating properly with sales leads, considering factors of cultural diversity and language barriers. These and more negative feedback are being fired and still, these words are not enough to thwart the services and positive results of telemarketing call centres.

With all the challenges and criticisms, I bet you will be wondering how do best-in-class telemarketing firms hurdle them all? What makes them stand and remain effective despite the storms of difficulties in the field where they are working? Well, your guess may be good as mine, but here are the things I have found out from some articles I have read.

Sources of Collective Efficacy

Of course, a culture of efficacy is only made possible when there are sources of how these took effect. Here are the sources of collective efficacy.

Employees. Living by their moniker as the "best assets" of a business organization, employees of best-in-class outsourcers are replete with skills and talents that are necessary to be productive in their duties and responsibilities. More than that, they show exemplary conduct, strong and healthy relationship with each other while maintaining high level of professionalism. They balance work and personal life so that every aspect will reap benefits.

Management. Good workforce is a result of good management. Every manager aims to achieve goal congruence instead of thinking to outwit and outplay their co-managers. They provide programs for the development of their employees while giving time for entertainment and fun. They are the same people who crafted scripts and methodologies, and make daily decisions which will not be detrimental to related parties.

Technology. Call centres are built out of the convenience brought by technology. Exceptional telemarketing firms acquire hardware, software and other applications that will best optimize work results, accelerates processes and evaluates performance.

Formation of Collective Efficacy

It is really interesting how does a culture of efficacy bloom in a particular telemarketing firm. From what I found out, here are some of the reasons.

Human Relations. Perhaps the most influential, good human relations inside and outside the premises of a call centre shapes the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire team. Conflicts within will cause problems in performance while a strongly bonded workforce tends to be motivated in delivering satisfactory services.

Best Practices. Call centres that live for long attributed their success to their best practices. These are tried and tested methods implemented on the campaigns. Best-in-class firms continue their enhancement of these practices in order to be more successful.

On-going evaluation. Another key factor is the on-going evaluation of everything, from the employee's performance down to the equipments. Constant monitoring helps to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Through this, solutions will be contrived that will consolidate strengths, convert weaknesses to assets, grab opportunities and stymie threats.

A perfect telemarketing firm will remain forever an ideal. However, this is not an excuse for service providers not to strive to be close to perfection. They just need to build a culture of efficacy centered on supplying their clients better services and output while giving a quality work-life inside.

Oliver Scott works as a professional consultant. He helps businesses in UK increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through telemarketing. To know more about this visit:

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